Instagram Trends

Want to know what’s going to be trending on Instagram for the coming year? Read on to find out!

  1. Video is going to be big
    Instagram allows people to share their lives with each other in real time, and one of the best ways to do that is through video. Competitors like Snapchat are currently doing slightly better than Instagram in terms of video sharing, but the app is picking up momentum and should be the leader in terms of shared videos by the end of the year. According to Instagram co-founder Systrom, for Instagram to succeed, video must be a core part of what the community produces. As such, the company is focused on video. They have recently produced Hyperlapse that lets users take stabilized time-lapse videos.

  2. And so are GIFs
    With companies like Apple now making the production of GIFs much easier on their own interfaces (like Apple Live Photos), marketers can expect to see an influx of GIFs on Instagram. Using GIFs for marketing can thus capitalize on this trend and create unique content for followers.

  3. Hashtags are still going strong
    As with 2014 and 2015, hashtags are still going strong on Instagram. According to TrackMaven’s report on Fortune 500 companies, the optimal number of hashtags for a post is 11, with the maximum allowed on Instagram being 30. Also, brands are now using different hashtags or different verticals to diversify their Instagram presence. This trend can be a useful one to follow when you operate with multiple smaller brands because it allows you to hyper-target consumers.

  4. Curated content
    More and more brands are leaning towards curated content because it leads to a more streamlines Instagram feed that has higher value for its followers. Individuals are also opening up new curated feeds with enormous success, curating everything from cat images to images of feet on floors

  5. Instagram ads
    Though Instagram advertising is still new, only available to a select number of people, and very expensive, this hasn’t reached trend status yet, but it’ll get there soon. Small, medium and large businesses already use Instagram for giveaways and other marketing goals, and they will end up using Instagram advertising once the portal opens itself to that completely.

While it isn’t necessary that your business jump on the trend bandwagon, the knowledge of trends is useful to have. If any of these trends uniquely suits your business’s marketing collaterals, you should definitely take advantage of them. Instagram is here to stay, and businesses should start using the advertising and marketing opportunities it offers more astutely.

How to Gain Instagram Followers

If you’ve just started an Instagram account for your brand, you must be in dire need of followers. While there are several unethical ways to get followers—you can buy them—they are usually ineffective and can end up backfiring quite badly. Buying followers doesn’t get you any positive ROI. Working on getting followers through influencers and a concerted social media strategy is a better option in the long run. Here are our suggestions for increasing your following on Instagram.

  1. Post frequently
    Instagram followers want to be entertained throughout the day, and the best way to keep them interested while increasing your following is to post content multiple times every day. The more good quality content you post, the more value your Instagram feed has to new followers.

  2. Create good content
    For more followers, you need good content. Sometimes, producing good content might mean hiring someone, or even an entire content development team if you aren’t able to meet content needs every day. Though good content requires an investment, it usually pays off when you start gaining more followers for your brand.

  3. Cautiously use Instagram like bots
    Instagram and other social media platforms usually prefer that you don’t use like bots, but they can be useful when used sparingly. Like bots can help you automate your liking process by liking hashtags, streams and followers based on your categories. Some services even allow you to follow or unfollow folks automatically, and post comments, but these services have been shown to get you banned. A judicious use of an Instagram like bot won’t harm your account when used.

  4. Stick to a theme
    Even when you’re posing for your brand, your Instagram following needs some sort of consistency in terms of the types of posts you make. Find a theme and stick to it. Treat your Instagram account like any other advertising medium and develop campaigns that you run on it for specific periods of time. Developing a specific aesthetic for your brand on Instagram is crucial in order to gain more followers.

  5. Use hashtags wisely
    When posting to Instagram, don’t just use hashtags like #plate or #computer. These are boring and won’t do your account any favours in terms of getting more followers. Use interesting hashtags to capture and keep follower attention. For instance, #fallintopumpkin is a better hashtag for your photo of a pumpkin spice latte than, say, simply #pumpkinspice.

Getting Instagram follower can be difficult at first, but it gets easier the more followers you gain. Growing your Instagram following is beneficial for your business, though, so you should really try and grow your following as much as you can.

How Automated Social Media Management Can Save your Time

If you’re managing social media accounts for a business, you’re probably handling a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, an Instagram profile simultaneously at the very least. Some social media managers end up managing multiple accounts on multiple social media platforms at the same time.

When handling different social media accounts becomes a necessity, then social media automation is absolutely integral. Not only can social media automation practices help you save time, it also helps you keep everything organized so that you have time to think about the big picture in terms of social media strategy instead of being bogged down by the daily drag of posting multiple things at different, carefully chosen times. So why is automation a good idea?

  1. It allows time for content creation
    Whatever your content strategy, you probably have a certain number of posts that you share from others, a certain number you create for your brand, and perhaps a few personal or candid ones to help humanize your brand. Most content strategies end to be variations on and additions to this theme. When you automate you social media management – you schedule posts en masse, you automate your RSS feed so you only need to look at it sporadically, and so on—you give yourself and your content team both the time and breathing space to create new, interesting, and engaging content.
  2. It allows you to find the best time to post
    The best part about social media automation is that it usually generates enough data for you to figure out what the best time to post content is. Because posts get posted automatically, you’ll have access to accurate and real-time data points in order to calculate exactly how much traffic you receive at different points. The best part? You don’t have to be up at all hours posting this yourself. Social media automation tools will do it for you, and they’ll do it with no delay, which is important because even a minute can sometimes cost you exposure. 
  3. It allows you to keep track of what you’ve done
    Maintaining an archive of a social media account, let alone multiple, can be a difficult task. With multiple posts happening daily, it’s an almost impossible task to monitor what’s going on. Social media automation tools usually have the ability to record all of your activities and keep a record that you can refer to when you need to. The next time you want to check on something you think you retweeted two years ago, you won’t have to work your way through your tweets, you’ll just use the social media automation tool to view your past actions.

Regardless of the type of social media automation tool you use, you’ll always see a benefit to using it. Social media automation always saves you time, and often money. This is not to say that all of your social media marketing should be automated, but that some of it should be. This leaves you time to respond personally to posts when you need to, and to develop your social media strategy even further.

Benefits of Instagram for Small, Medium and Large Businesses

If you haven’t heard about it already, Instagram is now open to advertising! Although only available at the moment to a select group of advertisers—with mysteriously high pricing—the option does look like it’ll soon be open to a larger business sphere. Regardless of that, however, Instagram’s move to open up advertising on its platform is a move towards it becoming a more business friendly space. So, how can your business effectively use Instagram to build brand recognition and a faithful brand following?

  1. Get in touch with influencersHave you noticed that some folks have a couple million followers on Instagram? These people are key influencers who have the ability to showcase your brand amongst their considerable number of followers. A lot of brands have previously hired influencers to use their products, or even take over their Instagram accounts for a few days. In the latter case, the influencer will usually let their followers know that they will be posting from your account for the stipulated number of days (usually one to three, and you can stipulate the minimum number of posts). Folks who follow the influencer will now follow your account, and you’ll be able to increase your brand’s visibility exponentially. Hiring an influencer is an option available to businesses of all sizes depending on the influencer and their commercial value.
  2. Visual marketingInstagram is one of the cheapest ways to carry out purely visual marketing, not to mention hashtag marketing that can help target people’s individual social feeds. If you’re a brand focused –primarily on millennials, then Instagram is probably the most effective advertising and marketing avenue open to you in terms of ROI.
  3. Instagram contestsInstagram can be a great way to host giveaways that can benefit your brand. Giveaways are an easy way to get people interested because it has a direct value proposition for them. Asking people to follow your brand’s Instagram page or post using your brand’s hashtag is an easy enough thing to do when there’s a goodie basket in the mix.

It’s easy to use Instagram for your business effectively, you just need to have a good social media strategy and follow through. You’ll need someone who only works with your brand’s Instagram page, and though this might seem like a big investment, it is a worthwhile one. Start using Instagram for your business today, and see your brand grow exponentially.

Benefits of Instagram Followers for businesses

Benefits of Instagram Followers for businesses

Obtaining Instagram followers is sort of a juggernaut process. The more followers you get, the more you’ll be able to get. It’s a wide reaching ripple effect that can be invaluable for your business. But, you might ask, why should I care about followers? They’re just people who end up seeing the pictures I post. How do I know they’re out there buying into my brand, or promoting it? How can I calculate my ROI?

Well, there are tools now that help you do that. The use of online analytics to chart your success through Instagram or similar social-media networks can help you figure out exactly what your ROI is, even better than more traditional advertising avenues like broadcast television or radio. This is because you know, almost exactly (there will always be a variation you cannot compute) the number of people who have committed or engaged with your brand and its value proposition. On Instagram, these folks would be followers. So, how can they benefit your business

  1. Instagram followers are loyal

    Instagram followers are a brand of people who are peculiarly good at acting on their brand loyalties. They will repost, hashtag, share and generally share the brands and influencers they care about on multiple forms of social media beyond just Instagram, and make sure that you get the exposure you need.

  2. Instagram followers will promote you

    Once someone becomes a follower, they will consistently post images that promote your brand to their own set of followers. The more followers you attract, the more access you have to their followers, so on and so forth. A lot of Instagram users cultivate their own brands, and can help promote yours alongside theirs. They’re our next point—influencers

  3. Influencers—or Instagram Celebrities

    Influencers are individuals who have a certain amount of loyal followers who are significantly influenced by them. This means that these followers check out the clothes that the influencer wears, the restaurants the influencer eats at, and use the products the influencer uses. Cultivating relationships with influencers whose brands match your own can help you gain a significant following online.

  4. More followers, more customers

    While the relationship between followers and customers is not as simple as all that, it is true that an increase in followers has led to an increase in revenue, hence the increased ROI.

The exposure that your business can gain on Instagram may really pay off. That, in and of itself, is a really good reason to get your business on Instagram today, especially if you’re marketing a lifestyle product. So get on Instagram today!


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