Let's explain the features

Free trial

You can try our ig like bot for free just to get a feel of what you will be experiencing with the full version.

Stay in control

With our Instagram follow bot , you can customize everything the way you want it, including setting up filters. You can even use our ig follow bot for multiple Instagram accounts.


We have designed our user interface to work seamlessly across all devices. No matter which mobile device, Mac or PC you are using, you will find our Instagram bot easy to use.


We provide you with how-to guides that show you how to do everything. If you still find yourself stuck at something, drop us a line and our team will get back to you.

Minimum risk

Our Instagram like bot is constantly evolving, adapting itself to its environment. In its current version, it sees to it that your account does not hit Instagram limits and run the risk of getting suspended.


Every activity is automated, doing away with the need for manual intervention. Our ig bot is also capable of generating detailed activity reports for any given period during its operation.

We can give you more!


Target your audience based on their location. You can narrow in on potential followers by city, country or even popular, happening places in your area; all based on their location tags in their Instagram photos.

Give and take

On Instagram, everything is a two-way street. You need to like others' Instagram photos so that they like yours. With our Instagram like bot , you can like popular photos of the day or use #hashtags to like photographs that have been tagged accordingly.


Our Instagram bot is encrypted with the highest levels of security to ensure that everything remains private.

Human behavior

With the settings, you can actually decide at what time of the day you want the Instagram bot to be active. This makes it appear as though a real person is behind the account and not some automated ig bot .


Apart from automatically following real users with similar interests using our Instagram follow bot , you can also unfollow them with our ig follow bot as well, if they are inactive.


Take a look at our pricing plans which offer nothing but great value for money with all their features.

15 Days



This plan is perfect for you to try our service

30 Days



Our most popular plan gives great value for an affordable price

120 Days



The optimal plan for you to consistently increase followers and likes

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